Vernon Hills IL Mission Route

Price: $85,000 Weekly Sales: $8,500

Protected, established wholesale distribution territory with major retail accounts in Vernon Hills, Mundelein, Lake Bluff and other nearby communities. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking products at the accounts within their territory. These are high level retail accounts including Jewels, Targets, Mariano’s, Walmart and several others. 

The current owner is averaging approximately $8,500 per week in gross sales volume. The owner is compensated at 20% on most products which generates a weekly gross income of approximately $1,700. Operating expenses will vary for each owner but are estimated at $300 per week which includes gas, insurance, storage and maintenance. This leaves the route owner with an estimated net of $1,400 per week. 

The current owner works five days per week with flexible days/hours are as long as the stores are being serviced properly and within store delivery hours. Two weeks of training will be provided by the current owner. 

There is a lot of development on this route including two new stores in the last two years and new housing that is being built in Vernon Hills. High household income territory which means the higher cost items generally do well. 

A 2011 15 foot Chevrolet box truck with less than 70,000 miles is available separately.

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Longview WA Snack Route

Price: $85,000 Weekly Sales: $8,349

This listing is for a high sales volume Longview, WA area snack distribution route consisting of major retail accounts. Current accounts include Safeway, Walmart, Grocery Outlet, Winco, Fred Meyer and more. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking product at these accounts and is paid a commission for products delivered. 

For 2018 the route totaled $434,169 in sales or $8,349 per week. The route owner is paid 20-25% commission depending on the product type. The current owner estimates a weekly gross income of $1,850. Operating costs vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $80 (gas), $35 (insurance), $20 (maintenance), $40 (office expenses), $40 (storage) and $60 (lost inventory). This leaves a weekly net of approximately $1,575 per week or $81,900 per year. 

Full training will be provided by the current owner and/or the company. 2009 GMC 16 foot Savanna truck is included. Product is ordered and delivered once per week to local storage facility…this facility can be retained or a new storage location can be added once it is approved by Tim’s. Current schedule listed below:

Monday-Friday : 3:30am – 1:30pm
Saturday : 4:30am – 9:00am
Sunday : 5:30am – 9:30am

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Akron / Canton Ohio Vending Route

Price: $72,000 Annual Sales: $68,730

Akron and Canton Ohio area vending route with a total of 24 vending machines placed at 10 accounts. There are an additional 7 machines included that are currently in storage. Route owner is responsible for ordering product and servicing the machines as necessary. 

For 2018 the route generated $68,730 in annual gross sales. One of the main accounts was being remodeled from May-December so sales were lower than expected. The machines at that account are now fully operational. Operating expenses will vary from owner to owner. For 2018, inventory/cost of goods sold totaled $29,253. Other expenses include travel costs and any necessary maintenance.

Full training will be provided by the current owner. Great accounts with consistent sales volume. Instant growth potential for a motivated owner with the additional machines that are ready for placement.

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