Oceanside CA Vending Route

Price: $34,900 – Weekly Sales: $700

Turnkey, eight (8) machine and eight (8) account vending route with accounts in Oceanside, San Marcos and Vista. The route owner is responsible for servicing and maintaining these vending machines as necessary. The current owner spends approximately three (3) hours per week servicing the route.

The route averages approximately $700 per week in gross sales. Operating costs will vary from owner to owner but are largely cost of goods sold (COGS)/inventory and travel costs when servicing the route. The current owner estimates a weekly net of $375 per week.

Full training will be provided. Machines do include credit card readers and online sales/inventory tracking. Accounts are serviceable on Saturdays and about half of them have Sunday service access. This is a great vending route with consistent sales volume.

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Bronx Utz Snack Route

Price: $70,000 – Weekly Sales: $5,600

Highly sought after Bronx Utz snack route with a good mix of credit and cash accounts. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking Utz, Bachman and Good Health snack products to retailers in their area. Current storage facility is conveniently located in the Bronx as well. Truck, training and company support included.

The route is currently averaging approximately $5,600 per week in sales. The owner makes an average commission of 25% for their sales…generating roughly $1,400 per week in gross earnings. Operating costs will vary from owner to owner but are primarily gas, insurance and storage. These costs are estimated at $200 per week.

The current owner operates three days per week from approximately 4am-2pm. The route has a flexible schedule as long as deliveries are made as necessary. A new owner could work four or five days per week if they preferred shorter days. The current schedule also allows significant time to grow the route for a motivated owner. The current Workhorse P30 truck used for the operation will be included in the purchase.

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Dayton NJ Mission Route

Price: $100,000 – Weekly Sales: $6,051

100% turnkey Mission tortilla route with major grocery accounts primarily in the Dayton and Bordentown, NJ areas. Several warehouse options are available including Lakewood NJ, Elizabeth NJ or King of Prussia PA. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking a variety of products at retailers including Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Target and more.

The route has averaged $6,051 per week in gross sales over the last 42 weeks. The route owner is paid an average commission of approximately 24% which generates roughly $1,450 per week in gross earnings. Operating expenses will vary from owner to owner but are generally $150-$200 per week for most owners. Current weekly net income is estimated at $1,250.

The 2006 GMC box truck used for the route is included with this purchase. The current owner will provide full training as well. Great route with growth potential for a motivated owner. No owner/company financing is available so full amount would be due at closing.

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