Riverside California Vending Route

Price: $35,000     Weekly Sales: $760

Corona, Ontario and Riverside California vending route which includes 11 HealthyYou vending machines with 5 attached entree units. Amazing vending accounts with flexible service schedules and consistent sales volume. The route owner is responsible for servicing and restocking the machines as necessary.

Through Q3 of 2018, the route was generating approximately $760 per week in sales volume. Some machines were placed recently and will increase that figure. The owner does pay $70 per week in commission to one account. Expenses will vary but are estimated at $400 per week in cost of goods sold and $30 per week in travel costs. 

Current owner will provide full training and transitional assistance. The route currently requires 4-6 hours per week and the accounts do have extended and weekend hours. Great accounts to add to an existing route or for someone to run and generate easy additional income.

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Dallas Vending Accounts

Price: $14,900    Annual Sales: $21,666

Two vending locations in Dallas with a combo drink/snack machine…one location also has a coffee machine. Both locations have been under contract for the past two years and continue to produce strong sales. The district would like each school to use vendors from an approved list. A bid will be held in February and a determination made in April. If you are an interested buyer, you will have the opportunity to remain at the existing route or move the machines to other locations. All of this is reflected in the asking price. Full training will be provided. One account is Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm…the other is Monday-Friday 7:30am-9pm.

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South Dallas Vending Machine Route

Price: $85,000   Gross Sales: $56,750

South Dallas area vending machine route with five total vending machines at one account. Machines are available to be serviced 24/7 which offers incredible flexibility. Future growth potential with additional machines being requested already. Incredible equipment that is like new and includes online sales monitoring, card readers and other functionality.

The route is averaging approximately $1,092 per week in gross sales. The owner does reimburse the account with a 5% gross commission every quarter. The weekly net is approximately $500. This should increase as additional machines are placed at the account.

The current owner services the machines 3x per week and each service trip takes 60-90 minutes to fill the machines. They estimate 6-7 total hours per week depending on travel time for the owner. Full training will be provided. Current inventory and any misc equipment/supplies will also be included. Owner has had this route for 2.5-3 years.

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