Astoria Oregon Mission Route Opportunity

Astoria Oregon Mission Route Opportunity

Price: $90,000    Weekly Sales: $9,000+

Protected wholesale territory for Mission tortilla products in both Clastop county (OR) and Pacific County (WA). Owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking the #1 selling tortilla products in the country at major retailers including Safeway, Fred Meyer, Costco, Walmart and more. Completely turnkey route which comes with a 16 foot enclosed cargo trailer, full training, and will generate income for the owner on day one.

The route is currently averaging over $9,000 per week in net sales. The route owner is paid an average commission of approximately 18% which generates $1,600+ in weekly gross income. Expenses will vary from owner to owner but generally include gas, insurance, maintenance, storage (if nec.) and other misc. costs. Estimated at $235 per week, the owner should net approximately $1,385 per week at the current sales volume.

Sales, marketing and administrative support will be provided by Mission Foods (Gruma). 2-3 weeks of training can be provided by both the current owner and the company as well. This route consists of major grocery retailers and a handful of independent accounts. The owner has unlimited growth potential and a motivated owner could add more accounts as they see fit.

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