Bimbo Bakeries Route – Hamilton New Jersey

Bimbo Bakeries Route – Hamilton, NJ

Status: SOLD   Price: $160,000    Gross Income: $98,280      Net:  $87,880

Route OverviewThis Bimbo Bakeries route has the exclusive distribution of Friehofer bread, Sara Lee cookies, Boboli pizza products, and Anzio Deli bread. The route itself is in the Hamilton, NJ area while the warehouse for product is in Lakewood, NJ.

Route is currently averaging $10,500 per week in sales. Paid at 18% commission, the route generates approximately $1,890 per week in gross income. The current owner has about $200 per week in expenses which are primarily vehicle costs. This leaves a net income of around $1,690 per week or $87,880 per year.

Accounts include four ShopRite locations, BJ’s, two Wal-Marts, Stop n Shop, and three Burger King locations. Owner works five days per week, taking off Wednesday and Sunday. Schedule is flexible but deliveries must be made before 1pm.

This purchase will include two trucks. A 2005 Ford E350 16 feetand a 2006 Mitsubishi Fuso 17 feet.

FinancingBimbo will finance a large amount for eligible buyers.  Contact us today to discuss your financing options.
Down Payment
Products/BrandsFriehofer, Sara Lee, Boboli and Anzio Deli breads
ResponsibilitiesGenerating sales and keeping accounts happy.  Making deliveries and stocking shelves are in the day to day requirements.
ExpensesThe primary expenses consist of gas/vehicle and insurance.  These expenses total $200 per week or approximately $10,400 per year
How is the Route Owner Paid?The owner of this route makes 18% commission based on their weekly sales volume
Growth PotentialThis is a great territory with well established accounts.  Smaller accounts such as restaurants or independent grocery stores could be added if the new owner wishes to do that.  Sales can also be increased at current accounts by implementing sales strategies and promotional engagement.
Equipment2005 Ford E350 16 feet and 2006 Mitsubishi Fuso 17 feet
Major AccountsShopRite, BJ’s, Wal-Mart, Stop n Shop, Burger King
Additional InformationTraining will be provided by Bimbo

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