Bimbo Route Overview

Bimbo Route Overview

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These Bimbo route opportunities allow the owner to operate a wholesale distribution business that sells Bimbo products.  Bimbo bakeries owns a number of brands including Entenmann’s, Sara Lee, Brownberry, Arnold, Oroweat, Thomas’, Beefsteak, Boboli, Freihofer’s and many others.  These bakery products are incredibly popular and give the route owner a wide variety of products to sell to their customers.

The owner of the route is responsible for delivering product to the stores in their protected territory.  Bimbo routes often present great growth and expansion opportunities due to the variety of products available.  Customers could include grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, schools, gas stations and similar businesses.  Growth can be achieved by adding new locations or by growing sales within current accounts.  Sales volume at stores can be increased by securing promotional displays, pushing sales items and utilizing other sales tactics.

Bimbo route owners work a variety of hours.  A typical schedule is 5am-2pm with Wednesday and Sunday off.  Some owners start earlier and others may start later.  Commissions can vary depending on the brand/product but typically are between 15-25%.  Bimbo will often provide company financing once they complete a credit check on the buyer.

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