Canadian Voortman Cookie Route Opportunities

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Thank you for visiting The Route Exchange and your interest in Voortman cookie route opportunities.  With a 60+ year history and all natural ingredients, Voortman’s is the premier cookie company in North America.  Voortman’s uses an independent owner and distributor model similar to many other large snack/bread manufacturers.  These opportunities provide great independence while also offering large company support and distribution.  Voortman cookie route owners have access to countless cookie products and major grocery customers (Walmart, Target, etc.).  You will find our current Voortman route listings below.  If you don’t see the area you are looking for, please contact us here and let us know.  New markets are always opening up and we will let you know if something does become available.  Thank you!


Currently Pending Sale

Previously Sold Listings

Full ListingCityStateRoute TypeAsking PriceWeekly SalesNet IncomeStatusRoute #
Full Listing Halifax NS Voortman CAN $6,019 $6,321 $49,500 SOLD 01081