Cape Coral Snyder’s Lance Snack Route

Cape Coral Florida Snyder’s Snack Route

Price: $275,000    Weekly Sales: $10,300

This listing is for a very high volume Cape Coral Snyder’s Lance snack route opportunity. The route consists of two Publix, a Walmart, a Target and several other accounts.  The owner has exclusive distribution rights within their protected sales territory. Flexible schedule with training and company financing available (30% down payment required).

The route is currently averaging $10,300 per week in gross sales.  Paid at an average commission of 18%, the owner is grossing approximately $1,850 per week.  Operating expenses will vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $200 per week.  Primary expenses include gas, insurance, maintenance, handheld computer, etc.

Warehouse is conveniently located in Fort Myers.  The route purchase will include the current owners 22 foot enclosed trailer which is used for deliveries.  Current owner works six days per week from approximately 3:30am to 1:00pm.

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