Corpus Christi TX Arcade/Amusement Vending Route

Price: $349,000 – Weekly Sales: $5,750

Amazing, well established arcade/amusement game vending route with accounts in the Corpus Christi, TX area. This route consists of 120+ games placed at travel centers, rest stops, restaurants and other great locations. The current owner has managed this route for 20 years. Fully turnkey operation with a Toyota Tundra vehicle with a hydraulic lift included. The route owner is responsible for keeping their machines operational and stocked with prizes.

Gross sales exceeded $300,000 for both 2017 and 2018. Cost of Goods Sold (prizes) typically averages out to 60% of sales volume. This leaves approximately $120,000 after COGS. Other operational costs would be largely travel related (gas, insurance, maintenance, etc) and vary from owner to owner.

The current owner runs this route Monday-Friday from approximately 9am-2pm. The schedule is VERY flexible. Full route training will be provided by the owner. High quality equipment from major manufacturers such as Smart, ICE, Baytek, Betson and Sega.

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