Denver Vending Route for Sale $20,000

Denver Vending Route for Sale – Denver, Colorado

Status: SOLD   Price: $20,000    Gross Income: $51,320  

Route OverviewThis is a terrific Denver vending route for sale located in the Denver metro area.  There is a lot of potential for this route.  The route currently averages approximately $1,000 per week in sales.  There are 9 machines included and they are all placed with agreements at Wal-Mart locations.  The current owners service the machines every week or so to collect money, restock and clean the machines.  The machines do hold enough product to last a few weeks without restocking.
Where is the Warehouse for this Route? No warehouse is necessary.  The route does come with two large freezers that can be used to store additional inventory.  These freezers are only a few years old and can hold about 40 cases of product between them.
Is Financing Available? The current owner still owes on some of the ice cream machines.  If the buyer is interested in taking on that financing, the owner is willing to negotiate the final route sales price.
Is a Down Payment Required?An $800 down payment would be required.  The remaining purchase amount would be due at the route closing.
What Products/Brands are Included? 9 Fastcorp Ice Cream Vending Machines (4 – Evolution, 5 – Z-400).  Inventory options for the machines can be discussed with the current owner.
What are the Route Owner’s Responsibilities?The owner can monitor machine inventory with the built in Arrow Vision software.  The owner is responsible for filling the machines and keeping them operational.
What about Expenses?The expenses for this route are very low.  The only expense is driving from one location to the other.
How is the Route Owner Paid?The owner of the route collects the money from each machine
Is There Room to Grow this Route?The current route owner has established relationships with many retail businesses in the Denver area but there is still a great deal of room for expansion.  There is little competition and someone that is motivated could easily add more machines and locations.
What Equipment is Included?Nine (9) Fastcorp Ice Cream Vending Machines and two (2) large freezers
Why is this Route Priced at $40,000?This route is a constant and reliable stream of income, averaging around $1,000 per week in sales.  The machines are in great condition and have been well taken care of.  The locations are secured and agreements are in place to continue service at those locations.  This is a low maintenance route that still has room to grow.  It is a great opportunity at a very low cost.
Major Accounts Wal-Mart
Current Schedule The current owner visits the machines on a weekly basis.  Hours are flexible since most locations are open 24/7.

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