Elk Grove California Route for Sale

Elk Grove California Route for Sale

Price: $95,000     Weekly Sales: $11,000+

The owner of this business has exclusive distribution rights for Mission tortilla and other similar grocery products in the Elk Grove area. Current accounts include Sam’s Club, Safeway, Raleys and several other large retailers. Majority of stores are within a very small radius and it makes delivering/merchandising very easy.

The route is currently averaging $11,022 in gross sales over the last 20 weeks. The owner is paid a varying commission on products sold, but 17.5% is a fair estimate. This generates a gross income of approximately $1,900 per week. The owner has estimated their weekly expenses at $200 but they will vary from owner to owner. These expenses include fuel, insurance, storage, handheld/printer and product returns. A $1,700 weekly net income is estimated.

The current owner only makes deliveries two or three days per week. On these days they load the truck between 3:30am and 4:30am, then deliver to the stores. Every other day is considered a merchandising day and they simply go to the stores to fill the shelves with remaining inventory, etc. Total hours per week will fluctuate depending on sales volume but are estimated at 40-45.

Owner will need a box truck, preferably with a lift gate or ramp system. Current owner will provide 2-4 weeks of training to ensure there is a smooth and successful transition to the buyer.  Contact us today for more information.

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