FedEx Routes

FedEx Routes

FedEx is one of the largest distribution companies in the world.  In fact, FedEx has over 300,000 employees and generates $40+ billion in revenue per year.  FedEx relies on independent route owners and small businesses to complete their delivery process under the FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Deliveries names.  Owners of FedEx routes are responsible for all of the expenses related to their business.

FedEx routes revolve around picking up and making final delivery of FedEx shipped packages.  FedEx Ground routes will typically consist of deliveries to commercial units such as office buildings while FedEx Home Deliveries are typically made to residential units.  FedEx pays the route owner based on a number of metrics including the number of packages delivered.  Income can be determined by delivering additional packages or achieving specific efficiency goals.

FedEx routes can be made up of several routes and drivers.  In fact, owners are able to buy or sell additional FedEx routes if they wish to do so.  This presents a great opportunity since one owner can then oversee multiple profit generating FedEx routes.

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