How to Find Vending Routes for Sale

How to Find Vending Routes for Sale

vending route for sale

Vending route opportunities offer very flexible full or part-time income to their owners.  There are a variety of vending route types and the businesses can vary drastically in size.  The sales process is often handled directly by the owner which means that a purchase can take place in a matter of days as opposed to the months necessary for most major bread/snack companies.  There are typically two options for someone looking to buy a vending route:

  1. Buy an existing route with machines and locations included
  2. Purchase new machines and locations from a machine manufacturer

We almost always recommend purchasing an existing route with used machines for a number of reasons.  Primarily, the upfront cost of new equipment can often heavily outweigh the return generated by that machine.  The most important factor for a vending route is that the locations produce good sales volume.  Any experienced vending owner would rather have an older, used machine at a very busy location rather than a brand new, technologically advanced machine at a slow location.  Buying an existing route will ensure that the accounts are established and have a solid sales history whereas a new machine/account is an unknown.

If you have any questions regarding the vending business please feel free to contact us at any time.  You can always find our vending routes for sale at this link.