Hernando/Pasco Florida Pool Service Route

Hernando & Pasco Florida Pool Service Route

Price: $85,000   Monthly Revenue: $7,000 in regular service

Hernando and Pasco County pool service route consists of 91 residential accounts. This business was originally started in 2006 and the account base has been very consistent. Currently being operated by a two man partnership and requires four days of service per week. Flexible schedule as long as customers are serviced when necessary.

The route is currently generating approximately $7,000 per month in regular service revenue. Any additional repairs/installs can create additional revenue. Great opportunity to grow the route by adding more accounts.

Full training will be provided by current owners over 2-4 weeks. All equipment necessary to maintain operations will also be transitioned to the buyer. This includes any remaining chemicals and 14 pool vacuums. Great opportunity to purchase a large pool route with consistent service revenue and growth potential as well.

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