Longview – Kelso Mission Tortilla Route

Price: $65,000 – Weekly Sales: $8,211

The owner of this route has the exclusive distribution rights for Mission tortilla products in the Kelso and Longview, Washington areas. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking these products at established retail customers. Mission produces a variety of best selling tortilla, chip and salsa products. This is a terrific opportunity that will include training and company support.

The current route owner is averaging $8,211 per week in gross sales. The owner earns a commission for their sales which averages out to approximately 17% or $1,396 per week. Sales volume can be grown by utilizing sales and promotional strategies within current accounts or by adding new stores to your business. Operating costs vary from owner to owner but are primarily fuel, insurance, storage and lost inventory. The current owner estimates their weekly expenses at $215.

Training will be provided by the current owner and/or company. Buyer will need a delivery vehicle to run the route…typically a box truck or enclosed trailer is used. Accounts include an extremely high sales volume Winco, Big Lots, Franz and Target. The warehouse storage facility is located in Kelso.

The current owner makes deliveries Monday-Friday. Merchandising/restocking is typically required at one account on weekends. This could be outsourced if the owner is interested in taking those days off. Current workload requires 35-40 total hours per week.

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!