Mission Route in the St. Louis Area

Mission Route in the St. Louis Area

Price: $20,000   Weekly Sales: $2,437 (including projected sales for Aldi accounts)

This is a one day per week Mission route in the St. Louis area (zip code 63136). The current route owner is consolidating their route due to significant sales growth over the past 12 months. For the entire route their sales are up 15% from last year and they have new stores being added to their route as well. Accounts would be protected from any other distributor and include established stores like Sam’s Club, Schnuck’ and Shop N Save.  Three Aldi’s will be added to the route on May 30th. There are a total of 9 stores and the route could be completed in one day, roughly 8-10 total hours.

There are six (6) stores that are currently being serviced. Through 14 weeks of 2018, they have generated $23,620 or $1,687 per week in sales. Three (3) additional Aldi accounts will start being serviced on May 30th. The owner estimates that those stores will each do $250 per week in sales, bringing the total weekly sales up to $2,437. The owner is paid at 18% commission which will generate approximately $438 per week in gross income. Expenses vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $80 per week.

This is currently a low sales volume route but is a great option to add revenue to an existing route or for anyone looking for part-time supplementary income. There are growth opportunities if someone was motivated to generate my income on the route. Full training will be provided. The owner will need some sort of delivery vehicle…preferably a small box truck or an enclosed trailer.

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