Inverness Florida Bread Route

Price: $180,000 Weekly Sales: $9,600

Inverness Florida bread route with major retail accounts including Publix, Winn-Dixie (2) and a Checkers restaurant. The route owner has exclusive, protected sales rights for Arnold, Thomas’, Entenmann’s and Sara Lee bakery products in their territory. Responsibilities include ordering, delivering and stocking (at grocery accounts) their products as needed. Tremendous business opportunity with existing revenue and growth potential for a motivated owner. Warehouse for product pickup is located in Summerfield, FL.

The route is currently averaging $9,673 in gross sales per week. The route owner earns a commission rate of 16-20% on their sales depending on type of product being delivered. The current owner estimates a weekly gross income around $1,600+. The operating expenses will vary from owner to owner as they are primarily travel related (gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance). The current owner has an approximate net earnings of $1,400 per week after operating costs. 

Full training will be provided by the company and current owner. Company financing of approximately $132,000 is available through the company. Typical schedule requires 5 days per week with some flexibility on hours…the current owner works from 2am – 10:30am. Handheld computer, printer and dollies are included in the purchase cost. Box truck delivery vehicle is available separately if purchaser is interested.

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Staten Island Area Vending Route

Price: $110,000 2018 Sales: $122,984

Staten Island area vending route consisting of 22 existing accounts, 25 high end machines on location and 10 additional machines that are ready for placement. The route owner is responsible for purchasing product, filling machines as necessary and keeping the machines functional for their customers. There are 12 accounts in Staten Island, 4 in Manhattan, 3 in Linden NJ, 2 in Jersey City NJ and 1 in Brooklyn.

Annual gross sales for 2018 totaled $122,984.34. Placement of the additional machines will increase gross revenue and net earnings significantly. Owner paid themselves a $34,900 salary for 2018 and tracked all deductions. These are major accounts including auto facilities and major business locations. 

There are 22 Seaga HY900 machines placed and 3 entree units that are currently placed and generating revenue. 7 additional HY900 machines and 3 additional entree units will be included. These are high quality machines with online sales/inventory monitoring, card and smart payments abilities and more. 

Full training will be provided. Current owner works Monday-Friday from approximately 9am-2pm. Hours are flexible as long as accounts are serviced as necessary. 2016 RAM Pro Master City Cargo van is available separately if buyer needs a delivery/service vehicle.

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Richardson-Frisco Texas Mission Route

Price: $100,000 Weekly Sales: $12,000

Frisco Texas area Mission tortilla wholesale route with established major retail accounts including Kroger, Costco, Brookshires, Target, Walmart and more. Owner has a protected sales territory and unlimited growth potential within their territory. Very high volume route with consistent sales and a flexible schedule. Warehouse/storage facility located in Richardson, TX

The current route owner is averaging approximately $12,000 per week in gross sales. At an average commission rate of 16.5%, the route generates $1,900+ per week in gross income. Operating expenses can vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $350 per week (gas, insurance, returns, maintenance, storage, misc.) This leaves the route owner with a weekly net of $1,538+ or $80,000 per year. 

The current owner makes deliveries four days per week and does merchandising pull ups on the other three days. Delivery days are roughly 3am – 11am. Merchandising days have flexible hours are typically take three (3) total hours. Full training will be provided by the owner and/or company. 

Ford E350 16 foot box truck, two dollies, eight sets of wheels/rollers and a step ladder are included in the purchase. This is a turnkey, high volume distribution route opportunity.

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