Fremont Ohio Vending Accounts

Price: $25,650

Two great vending accounts located in Fremont, Ohio. Both accounts are assisted living/retirement facilities with 24/7 365 access. One account is serviced 3x per week and the other 1.5x. Full training provided by current owners. Route information is below:

Location 1

Annual Sales: $15,720

It has 3 machines 1, 40 Selection Snack; 1, 40 Selection Elevator drink machine, and 1 Fresh and Frozen Food machine. All machines are less than 2 years old and in excellent shape. 

Location 2

Annual Sales: $4,800

It has a Dual Snack and Drink machines that is just over a year old. 

Combined yearly totals, $20,520.

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vending route for sale

Hartwell-Danielsville Georgia Vending Route

Price: $70,000 (route only $50,000) – Weekly Sales: $970 – 2017 Van Included!

– Weekly Sales: $970 – 2017 Van Included!

Terrific Georgia vending route business with 14 machines and 8 vending accounts. Accounts are located in Hartwell (5), Franklin Springs (2), Lavonia (1), Athens (1), Stephens (1), Danielsville (4). The accounts consist of college buildings, schools, offices, manufacturing facilities, hotels, car dealerships and more. Estimated time required per week is only 15 hours and several accounts have extended service hours.

The route totaled $50,395 in sales volume from May 2018 to May 2019. Operating expenses vary from owner to owner but are largely cost of goods sold and travel costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance). The owner estimates weekly net earnings for $400 per week or $20,800 per year.

Like new 2017 Ford Connect cargo delivery van included with purchase. Van was purchased new 18 months ago and has been used for vending route operation since. Full training provided to buyer. 11 drink/snack machines, two snack only machines, one refrigerated machine, racks, boxes and hand trucks necessary for operation will all be included. Machines have credit card readers and online sales/inventory tracking.

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South Chicago Mission Tortilla Route

Price: $70,000 – Weekly Sales: $6,122

South Chicago Mission tortilla route with accounts in Chicago, South Holland, Olympia Fields, Dolton and Crete. The owner has the exclusive sales rights for tortillas, tortilla chips, salsas/dips and other products. This route consists of major accounts including Food 4 Less, Jewel, Walmart and Walt’s. Terrific route with growing sales volume and a flexible schedule. Full training provided and 2006 box truck included with the purchase.

The route has averaged $6,122 per week in gross sales through the first 23 weeks of 2019. That average should steadily increase for the remainder of the summer/fall. The owner is paid 20% commission on their sales which generates a weekly gross of approximately $1,224. Operating costs WILL vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $75/wk for gas, $50/wk for insurance, $50/wk for maintenance, $20/wk for computer/printer/office costs, $50/wk for lost inventory and $35/wk for storage. This leaves a weekly net of approximately $945. 

The current owner operates four days per week and approximately 4am-11am each day. Service days are currently Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The days/hours are somewhat flexible as long as the accounts are being serviced properly. The current owner owns two routes and is simply downsizing so that they only have the one. Fantastic opportunity to purchase a wholesale route business with growth potential and a flexible schedule.

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