Pepperidge Farm Routes Overview

Pepperidge Farm Routes

pepperidge farm routes

This post will provide more information on Pepperidge Farm routes.  There are typically two different types of Pepperidge Farm routes…bread routes and cookie/snack routes.  Each route owner has the distribution rights for different products.  Pepperidge Farm bread route owners will deliver all of the bread products, buns, stuffing and dinner rolls.  On the other hand, cookie/snack route owners deliver all of the cookies, crackers, muffins, desserts and other products sold by the company.  The routes themselves operate in a very similar style.  There are a few major differences to keep in mind when considering these routes…

  • Pepperidge Farm bread and cookie routes are priced differently
    • Bread routes typically sell for a weekly sales multiplier between 15-25.  Cookie routes can sell between 25-40 times their weekly sales average.
  • Bread route owners will usually load their trucks on a daily basis.  Cookie route owners can often load only once or twice per week.
  • Typically a 10% down payment is required for a cookie route while a 15% down payment is required for a bread route
  • Depending on the area, bread route owners may receive a higher percentage commission

While there are a few differences there are even more similarities between the types of Pepperidge Farm routes…

  • The territories are typically the same size for both types of routes
  • The same trucks and equipment can be used for either type of route
  • Owners receive the same support from Pepperidge Farm
  • Both product lines offer some seasonal products which keep sales going no matter what time of year

If you are interested in Pepperidge Farm routes or have any questions, please contact us at any time.  Thank you.