Phoenix Pepperidge Farm Bread Route

Price: $130,000 – Weekly Sales: $8,300

Phoenix Pepperidge Farm bread route with major retail accounts and major growth potential. This is the largest PF territory in the state of Arizona! The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking Pepperidge Farm bakery products at Frys, Walmarts, Safeways, Albertson, Targets and more. 

The current weekly sales average is $8,300. With a commission rate of 19%, the owner grosses approximately $1,575 per week in commission. Operating expenses will vary from owner to owner but are primarily gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance. These costs are estimated at $250 per week. There is tremendous growth potential for this route and it may be possible to get two trucks + drivers out to maximize sales volume. Pepperidge Farm bread sales in the area have grown by double digit percentages over the last several years. 

The current schedule requires an estimated total of 50 hours per week. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are generally merchandising half days which could be outsourced. Company financing is available with a 15% down payment. Full training and company support will be provided. Owner is also included the handheld computer and printer necessary to run the route.

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