Richardson-McKinney TX Mission Tortilla Route

Price: $48,000 Weekly Sales: $9,500

**Owner Financing May Be Considered with 50% Down Payment**

Richardson-McKinney TX Mission Tortilla route priced to sell! The owner of this business has a protected sales territory for Mission tortilla products (tortillas, chips, salsas/dips, etc). The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking these products at major retailers including El Rancho, Winco, Walmart and Brookshires. Great growth potential for a motivated owner.

Over the last 10 weeks the route has averaged approximately $9,500 in weekly sales. Commission percentages vary from product to product but average out to approximately 16%. This generates roughly $1,500 per week in gross income. Operating costs vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $300 per week which includes gas, insurance, storage, returns/spoilage and any administrative costs.

Schedule is flexible as long as deliveries are made during receiving hours and the stores are satisfied with the service provided. Current owner typically operates from 4am – 12pm on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday hours are reduced and depend on how busy the route is that particular week.

Full training provided by current owner and the company. Three major accounts and two cash accounts. Great relationship with store management. Growth potential for a motivated owner.

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