The Route Exchange Works

The Route Exchange Works

If you are unsure about listing your route for sale with us, look no further than the numbers below.  You can also view our testimonial page to get firsthand feedback from some of our recent sellers.  The Route Exchange works and here are just a few examples of that…

Year-to-Date 2016  (11/15/16)

Routes Sold:  40

Total Paid to Sellers:  $4,000,000+

Route Locations:  20+ states

Types of Routes:  Vending, Utz, Bimbo, Fantini Bread, Mission, Tim’s Cascade, Snyder’s-Lance, Gold Medal Bread, Pepperidge Farm, Wise, landscaping and more!

Contact us today if you have questions.  We guarantee that we will put together the best possible deal for listing your route business.  We will find you qualified buyers faster and at a lower cost than any other service.

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