Salem Oregon Mission Tortilla Route

Salem Oregon Mission Tortilla Route

Price: $70,000   Weekly Sales: $7,343

Salem Oregon Mission tortilla route with protected distribution rights for major grocery accounts. The current accounts include Target, Walmart and two Safeway locations. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking product at their accounts. The route currently requires less than 30 hours per week, with three delivery days and two very short merchandising/restocking days.

This route is currently averaging $7,343 per week in total sales. Paid at 18%, the gross income is estimated at $1,320 per week. Operating costs will vary from owner to owner, but are projected at $150/week ($20 gas, $25 insurance, $15 maintenance, $20 handheld, $40 warehouse, $30 stale/returns). This leaves a weekly net income of approximately $1,170.

A 26′ foot diesel box truck will be included in the sale. Turnkey opportunity with training included.

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