San Diego Vending Route

Price: $29,500 – Weekly Sales: $520

San Diego vending route with a combination drink/snack machine at each location. Terrific vending machines with credit card readers, online sales/inventory monitoring and other functionality. Route owner is responsible for refilling and servicing the machines as necessary. 

From June 2018 – December 2018, the route generated $13,548 in sales. Operating expenses will vary from owner to owner, but the current owner had net earnings of $5,945 or approximately $230 per week. This includes $171 in monthly storage costs which could be eliminated if the purchaser has existing storage space available. 

One account is serviced twice per week, one account is serviced once per week, and the final account is currently serviced once every two weeks. The entire route currently requires 3-4 hours per week which includes the inventory purchasing process and machine servicing. 

Current owner will provide basic training and transitional assistance. This is a terrific small business opportunity with a flexible schedule. Consistent sales volume. Website that can be utilized to acquire new accounts will also be included. Vending routes offer great growth opportunities…secure new accounts and place more machines to increase your income.

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