Scottsdale AZ Mission Tortilla Route for Sale

Price: $69,000 – Weekly Sales: $7,903

Incredible wholesale distribution route with protected sales rights for Mission tortilla products in the Scottsdale area. The route owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking a variety of products at major retailers in the area. Accounts include Fry’s, Albertson’s and Basha’s.

The route owner is currently averaging $7,903 per week in gross sales volume. The company pays an average of 16.5% commission on those sales. There are promotional discounts (if a store is running a promotion they will receive discounted pricing on those items), which gets the average commission paid to around 14%. This generates approximately $1,100 per week in gross earnings for the route owner. Operating costs will vary from owner to owner but are primarily gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance. Weekly net is estimated at $930 per week or $48,300 per year.

Full training will be provided by the current owner and/or company. Buyer will need a delivery vehicle such as a box truck or enclosed trailer. The current owner is working three delivery days and three light merchandising days with a total of approximately 30 hours per week. Product pickup facility is located in Tempe.

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