Scottsdale & Fountain Hills AZ Mission Route

Scottsdale & Fountain Hills AZ Mission Route

Price: $50,000     Weekly Sales: $6,400

Scottdale & Fountain Hills AZ Mission route for sale with four accounts in each area and the warehouse in Tempe.  Great protected sales distribution route with major customers including Frys, Safeways, Albertson’s, Target and more.  The owner is responsible for ordering product, delivering it to their customers, filling shelves/displays and maintaining good customer relations.

The current owner is averaging around $6,400 per week in gross sales.  Paid an average commission of 16%, the owner grosses approximately $1,025 per week or $53,000+ per year.  Expenses will vary from owner to owner but are primarily fuel, insurance, maintenance and stales/returned product.  The owner is including their 18 foot enclosed trailer with the sale…this will allow the buyer to takeover immediately and without any major upfront costs.

The schedule is very flexible and only requires 30-35 hours per week.  The owner typically takes off Wednesday and Sunday, although some weeks may require merchandising pullups depending on how busy it is on the route.  Hours will need to be between 5am and 3pm, but are flexible within that window.

This owner has had the route for 4+ years and will provided full training.  Owner also has administrative and sales support from Mission.  Please contact us today for more information.

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