Scranton PA Utz Route for Sale

Scranton PA Utz Route for Sale

Price: $65,000    Weekly Sales: $6,536

This independent Scranton PA Utz route has protected distribution rights to accounts in the Dallas, Harveys Lake, Nanticoke and Plymouth areas. The route owner sells Utz, Bachman, Good Health, Oberto, Slim Jim, Pace and other snack products to established grocery accounts in the area. The product pickup facility is located in Scranton.

The route averaged $6,536 per week in net sales (after promotional discounts) for 2017. Utz pays 18.5% commission for Utz products and 20% commission on all other brands. Using a 19% commission average, the owner grosses approximately $1,240 per week. Operating expenses will vary from owner to owner, but are estimated at $200 per week for gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. This will net the route owner roughly $1,040 per week or $54,000 per year.

The current owner works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a total of 45-50 hours per week required. Full training will be provided to the buyer. The 2011 Ford box truck and hand truck/cart for deliveries will be included. Turnkey operation which will allow the new owner to start making money on day one.  Contact us today for more information

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