Route Sellers – Sell a Route Business

  • When you want to sell a route our goal is to get the most for your route and as quickly as possible.  Your listing will receive thousands of views from people specifically interested in purchasing a route business
  • We provide hundreds to thousands of dollars in free marketing.  Your route will have a dedicated internet listing and will be featured on numerous other route and business sales websites.  We work with several business sales agencies to ensure that our routes get the best offers possible.
  • We save you time and effort by qualifying all buyers.  Having sold routes without using a route sales service, we have firsthand experience with the difficulties and frustrations of finding a fully qualified route buyer.  There is nothing worse than spending time and effort with someone who doesn’t even have the funding necessary to buy the route.  Let us do the hard work for you.
  • We are non-exclusive which means you can still advertise and attempt to sell the route through your own efforts.  If you sell the route to a lead that you found without our assistance we will not require any payment.

Types of Routes for Sale

We will work with any route or business that would like to use our sales and advertising service.  We will sell bread routes (Brownberry, Arnold, Bimbo, Pepperidge Farm, etc.), chip routes (Snyder’s-Lance, Wise, Utz), cookie routes (Voortman, Pepperidge Farm), FedEx routes, ATM routes, vending routes, and many others.

Are there fees?

There are absolutely no upfront fees for our services.  We only charge a fee when we sell a route and the fee can be built into the sale price of the route.  The Route Exchange also offers the lowest service fee of any business for sale service available at 7.50%.  If you find a cheaper rate, let us know.

How Can I List My Route for Sale?

The easiest way to sell your route is to use our sell a route form.  The form is very easy to fill out and will provide us the information necessary to start drafting your personal business listing.  Contact us if you have any questions.

What are the Steps to Sell My Route?

The process varies depending on route type, location, financing options and other factors, but generally speaking the following can be used as a route sales outline:

  • Buyers will complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  This agreement simply states that the buyer will keep any route business information confidential.  The non-disclosure agreement protects both the buyer and seller.  Buying a route requires the review of sensitive information and the confidentiality of that information is important.
  • Once a buyer finds a route that they are interested in, they then submit buyer qualification paperwork.  Before being connected with the seller of a particular route, The Route Exchange verifies that the buyer is capable of purchasing the business.
  • The Route Exchange provides the prospective buyer’s information to the route seller.  Several steps after this will happen away from our service, although we are always willing to offer consultation to both route buyer’s and seller’s.  It is recommended that the buyer and seller meet, travel the route territory, discuss specifics such as major accounts, typical expenses, route schedule, route sale price, etc.
  • The buyer and seller agree on a purchase price.  Many bread or snack companies will provide paperwork to get the process moving forward.
  • The company affiliated with the route (e.g. Snyder’s-Lance) may require an interview with the interested buyer.  We have gone through this process ourselves several times.  These companies rely heavily on their independent operator’s and want to ensure that they are capable of doing the job.  Usually these meetings are short and relatively informal.
  • The company approves the buyer and begins working on route sales paperwork.  Financing applications, if necessary, would be filed at this time.  Many distribution companies have relationships with banks and can submit the necessary paperwork on behalf of the buyer.
  • Paperwork is completed and financing is approved.  A final meeting takes place to close the deal.  The closing may take place anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks after the sales agreement is filed.  The paperwork requirements and processing speed vary from company to company.  Once the deal is closed, the earnest money escrow account is disbursed.  The seller receives their payment check and the buyer takes control of the route.

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