Why use The Route Exchange to Sell a Route?

We are well aware of the resistance most people feel in regards to using a route advertising/sales service.  We have personally purchased, operated and sold a number of independent distribution routes.  We’ve gone through the process and started The Route Exchange because it is the absolute best way to sell a route business.

Here are just a few of the things to consider when selling your route business:

  • Is your route listing reaching as many people as possible?
  • Does your route look like a good opportunity to the target market?
  • Do potential buyers feel comfortable with the sales process?
  • Is the route being presented professionally?
  • Is the route priced accurately and competitively?
  • Is it possible to speed up the sales process?

Sometimes it is easier to see the value in a route sales service by looking at a more common sales scenario.  For example, how would you go about selling a house or a similarly valued asset?  Would your sales effort be limited to word of mouth or would you market the asset by using a real estate agent and other advertising methods?

The fact is that routes are extremely valuable assets.  They produce consistent income and do not depreciate over time.  Millions of people are qualified to operate route businesses but very few of them have any idea that they even exist or how to find route opportunities.  Route sellers will never receive the best prices for their routes unless they can reach more interested route buyers.

This is what makes The Route Exchange the best place to sell your route:

  • Free listing of your business on a website attracting thousands of interested buyers per week
  • Unique advertising campaigns designed for each individual route
  • Free advertising on the partner business sales websites
  • No contract restricting you from selling the route on your own
  • Lowest rates available, 7.50%. If you find something cheaper, let us know.  No fees unless we find you a buyer
  • We qualify both buyers and sellers, ensuring that the purchasing process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible

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