Sherman Texas Route for Sale

Sherman Texas Route for Sale

Asking: $40,000    Weekly NET Sales: $8,322

This is a great, high volume Mission tortilla wholesale route. The owner has exclusive sales rights for Mission, Calidad and Guerrero products in the Sherman, TX area. They deliver these products to Walmart, Albertsons, Target, Krogers and other major grocery accounts. The owner is responsible for ordering product, delivering it to their accounts, and stocking shelves/displays. They are paid a commission for their sales volume.

The route has been averaging $8,915 in gross sales…or $8,322 in weekly NET sales (after returns and promotional discounts). The owner grosses approximately $1,250 per week from this sales volume. Expenses will vary from owner to owner, but with $150 estimated for fuel, insurance and maintenance/misc., the owner nets approximately $1,100 per week.

The schedule is flexible but the current owner operates Monday-Friday between 3am-10am. Some weekend restocking hours may be necessary depending on how busy the stores are. Days and hours are flexible to some degree.

Full training will be provided to the new owner. The seller is also including their 24′ enclosed trailer, dollies, pallet jacks and any other equipment they use for the route operation. No financing is available through the owner or company, so the full amount would be due at closing.

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