*PRICE REDUCED* Snyders Route for Sale, Rockford, Illinois, $64,900

Snyders Route for Sale – Rockford, Illinois

Status: SOLD   Price: $64,900   Gross Income: $61,000   Financing: Available   TRUCK INCLUDED

Route Overview

This is a fantastic Snyders route for sale with accounts in Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park and Roscoe, Illinois.  This route is currently averaging approximately $6,200 per week which is over $320,000 in gross annual sales.  The Snyder’s-Lance commission for this route is 19% which means the route will gross over $55,000 in annual income.  This is an exclusive territory and any expansion/growth in this territory will increase both your income and the route value.
Is Financing Available?Yes.  Snyder’s-Lance has great relationships with several large banking institutions and can help route owner’s obtain business loans.  An application for financing can be completed during the purchasing process.
Is a Down Payment Required?There is no down payment required for the purchase of this route! 
What Products/Brands are Included?This Snyder’s-Lance route has access to the following product lines: Snyder’s, Lance, Jay’s, Oke Doke, Cape Cod, Archway, Stella-D’oro, On the Border, Kettle, Salerno, Krunchers, and many others.
What are the Route Owner’s Responsibilities?The route owner is responsible for servicing the accounts in their territory.  The main responsibilities include ordering, delivering and displaying products for your accounts.  This is a bin route which means the product is ordered on Thursday and delivered to the bin warehouse on the following Monday.  The owner can then load the product and deliver it to their stores as necessary.
What about Expenses?All routes and owners have different expenses related to their business.  The most common expenses are the following: route loan payment, gas, insurance (vehicle and business) and handheld/printer costs.
How is the Route Owner Paid?The owner of the route purchases product from Snyder’s-Lance at a wholesale price.  Snyder’s processes the route’s purchases/sales balance and issues payment to the route owner on a weekly basis.   You will never have to pay for product up front.  For example, a route owner may purchase $5,500 worth of product throughout the week and then sell that product to its accounts for $6,500.  The following week Snyder’s would issue payment for the difference between purchases and sales, in this case $1,000.  Cash accounts will pay the route owner directly.
Is There Room to Grow this Route?There are always opportunities to grow the sales volume of a route.  You can add new accounts to your route or simply grow the sales within your current accounts.  Snyder’s-Lance employs a large number of district managers who work as partners with the independent operators to grow the brands and products being sold.
What Equipment is Included?This route includes the 1999 Chevy P30 truck used to operate the route!
Why is this Route Priced at $64,900?Routes for sale are valued by using their weekly sales average and business value multiplier.  This multiplier can vary based on a number of factors including the location and type of route.  This route has a multiplier of only 10.40 ($64,900 / $6,200).
Where is the Warehouse for this Route?The warehouse for this route is located in Machesney Park, IL.
Current Route AccountsThis route has several large chain stores and 20+ smaller stops.  The main accounts consist of two Wal-Marts, a Target and a Valli Produce.
Current Schedule

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