Tampa – St. Petersburg Vending Route

Price: $14,000 – Weekly Sales: $260

Five account vending route with drink machines placed at each location…three accounts in St Petersburg, one in Tampa and one in Dunedin. The owner is responsible for maintaining and stocking the vending machines. The route only requires 4-5 hours per week and most accounts have flexible service hours. 

The route has been averaging $260 per week in gross sales. These figures were calculated for the first 7+ months of 2019. Route operating costs will vary from owner to owner but are primarily inventory/cost of goods sold and travel costs. The current owner estimates a weekly net of $155 per week. 

Full training will be provided by the current owner. One account does receive a 15% kickback to ensure the location of the machine. All accounts have been established and serviced by this owner for 2+ years.

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