Temecula Mission Tortilla Route

Price: $145,000 – Weekly Sales: $10,500

Protected Temecula area distribution route for Mission and Guerrero tortilla products. The owner is responsible for ordering, delivering and stocking these products at major retail accounts. Current customers include Sam’s Club, Stater Bros, Food 4 Less and three cash accounts. The warehouse for product pickup is conveniently located in Murrieta. 

The current owner is averaging approximately $10,500 per week in sales volume. Commission rates can vary from product to product but generally average 16.5%. This generates roughly $1,730 in weekly gross earnings. Operating costs will vary from owner to owner since they are primarily travel (gas, insurance, maintenance) related. The current owner estimates their weekly net just under $1,500.

Full training will be provided by the current owner. The current delivery vehicle will also be included. This is a high volume route and typically requires seven (7) day service. The hours are somewhat flexible as long as deliveries are made during store receiving hours. Total weekly hours could range from 45-50.

A motivated owner could add accounts to this route or try and grow sales volume within the current accounts. This is a terrific route with major, high sales volume accounts and relatively low travel time.

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