Thomas Route for Sale – Norwich, CT – $250,000

Thomas Route for Sale – Norwich, CT

Status: SOLD   Price: $250,000    Gross Income: $98,540      

This is a high volume Thomas’ english muffin route located in Norwich, CT. Thomas is the #1 seller of English Muffins, bagels, toasting/swirl breads and pita wraps. The warehouse for this route is located in East Lyme, CT. The route owner is responsible for writing orders, loading the truck, delivering product, changing displays and other route sales activities.  Accounts include ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Wal-Mart, Super Wal-Mart, Big Y.  Truck purchase is negotiable.

The current route sales average is $10,525 per week. The commission is set at 18% which generates $1,895 per week for the route owner. This means you can gross $98,540 running this business. Gas and other expenses estimated at $200/week which leaves a net income of $88,140.

Typical delivery schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5am-1pm.  Pack outs can be necessary on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday depending on how busy it is.

Thomas/Bimbo Bakeries will finance approximately $130k of the route price. The remaining amount would have to be paid at closing. We do have a third party funding source if you are interested in pursuing financing for the balance.

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