U-Turn Vending Machines – Tampa, FL – $4,000

U-Turn Vending Machines for Sale – Tampa, FL

Status: SOLD   Price: $4,000    28 U-Turn Terminator Vending Machines, 19 on Location

Route OverviewThis route consists of 28 total U-Turn Vending machines. 19 of the machines are currently placed while the other 9 are in storage. These machines hold 8 different varieties of bulk candy. This allows the owner to space out their service trips. This is an ideal machine for most businesses because it takes up very little space and still offers 8 different products. This route is for sale because the owner was relocated out of state. This is a great deal. The 9 machines in storage will add to the route immediately. The other machines can be relocated if the new owner thinks they have a better location for them.The route was typically generating around $600 in profit each service trip (every 45-60 days)…however, profits were down to $300-$400 due to the owner’s relocation.  The sales log is in the storage unit so it may be difficult to provide significant sales documentation. This should really be treated as a great opportunity to acquire 28 U-Turn Terminator machines, with 19 that are already generating revenue.
Warehouse LocationN/A
FinancingFull payment due at closing
Products/BrandsBulk candy products
ResponsibilitiesThe route owner is responsible for ordering product, loading their vehicle, delivering and filling machines with the product.
ExpensesThe primary expenses consist of gas/vehicle and insurance
How is the Route Owner Paid?The owner of the route purchases product at a wholesale price and sells them at retail price
Growth PotentialThe current owner has spent years growing this route and can discuss growth opportunities with interested parties
Equipment28 U-Turn Terminator Vending Machines.  19 are on location and 9 are in storage.  These machines hold 8 different candies and are a great vending option
Current ScheduleSchedule is incredibly flexible and can be determined by the owner.  The current owner services the machines every 60 days.
Additional InformationThe owner of this route was relocated and has to sell their vending route

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