Utah Mission Tortilla Route

Price: $60,000 – Weekly Sales: $6,185

Utah Mission tortilla route with protected wholesale rights for Mission, Guerrero, Calidad and Great Value tortilla products. Current accounts are in Delta, Ephraim, Nephi, Richfield and other surrounding communities. Route owner responsibilities include ordering, delivering and stocking these products at the accounts as necessary. Major retail accounts including Walmart are established and protected. Great growth potential and relatively flexible schedule.

For 2018 the route owner averaged $6,185 per week in net sales. They grew sales by 10% from 2017 and there is still great growth potential in the area. The owner receives 20% commission on their sales which generated roughly $1,230 per week in gross earnings. Operating costs will vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $275-$300 per week. This leaves a weekly net of approximately $950.

Full training provided by current owner. Schedule is somewhat flexible as long as deliveries are made during store receiving hours. Current owner operates Monday-Friday from approximately 6am to 2pm. Pallet jack and two hand trucks will be included with the purchase. Delivery vehicle (box truck or enclosed trailer) will be necessary to operate the route.

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