Vending Machines for Sale in Ft. Myers, FL – $15,000

Vending Machines for Sale – Ft. Myers, FL

Status: Available   Price: $15,000    

Route OverviewVending machines for sale.  This route is a terrific opportunity to purchase a turn key business in the Ft. Myers area.  The route consists of 10 combination snack/drink machines.  They are all Seaga RS-900 models.  7 of the machines are placed and generating income, 1 is ready to be placed, 1 needs a simple compressor replacement, and another machine can be repaired or used for spare parts as necessary.The machines are located in areas with great foot traffic.  The route includes any inventory that is currently in the machines.  The current owner is motivated and willing to discuss the business and its potential with those interested.
Where is the Warehouse for this Route?There is no warehouse.  Product is purchased at wholesale pricing from local sources.  The current owner can supply resources for product purchase.
Is Financing Available?No
Is a Down Payment Required?The buyer would need only $300 for a down payment
What Products/Brands are Included?Brands and products are flexible and can be determined by the route owner
What are the Route Owner’s Responsibilities?The route owner is responsible for servicing the placed machines.  The main responsibilities include ordering product, stocking the machines and collecting the revenue.  The owner can add new machines or relocate existing ones if they wish.
What about Expenses?Expenses vary but are largely based on inventory purchased and gas expense
How is the Route Owner Paid?The owner of the route purchases product at a wholesale price and sells them at retail price.  Any money collected from the machines belongs to the route owner
Is There Room to Grow this Route?Yes.  1 machine is ready to be placed and another could be placed with some repair.  These 2 machines could increase sales for the route overnight.  The owner can always add new locations or expand their service at the current locations as well.
What Equipment is Included?10 total combination vending machines
 Seaga Vending Machine



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