What are Route Sales

Route Sales – What is The Route Exchange?

The Route Exchange is an online route sales service.  We work with independent operators that own distribution routes in a number of areas.  We help find buyers and sellers of bread routes, chip routes, ATM routes, FedEx routes and more.

What are route sales?

Independent routes are small businesses that can provide a great number of benefits to their owner.  A flexible schedule, great compensation and a self employed/no boss lifestyle are just a couple of the benefits you may find in a route career.  Some of the routes are wholesale distribution while others could revolve around ATMs, package deliveries (FedEx), vending machine sales, etc.

Who can use The Route Exchange?

The Route Exchange is tailored for individuals that are trying to buy or sell a small business.  We specialize in route sales but will work with any businesses that benefit from our services.  Independent operator’s for companies such as Bimbo Bakeries, Flower’s Bread, Martin’s, Mission, Pepperidge Farms, Snyder’s-Lance, FedEx and many others can list their businesses on our website.

Why use The Route Exchange to buy/sell a route?

  • Free web listing of your business on a website attracting thousands of views per week
  • Free advertising on the best business sales websites
  • No contract restricting you from selling the route on your own
  • Search routes by type or location
  • Lowest advertising and listing rates available, 7.50%.  If you find something cheaper, let us know.  No fees unless we find you a buyer
  • We qualify both buyers and sellers, ensuring that the purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible

Who runs The Route Exchange?

The Route Exchange was started and operated by independent route owners.  We have personally purchased, operated and sold Brownberry, Snyder’s-Lance, and Bimbo Bakeries routes.  We know what it takes to work these routes and we know how to sell them.