Wholesale Mesquite Route for Sale

Wholesale Mesquite Route for Sale

Asking: $17,861   Weekly Sales: $4,616

The owner of this wholesale route has exclusive sales and distribution rights for Voortman cookies inside two protected territories. The current accounts include Walmarts, Krogers, Brookshires, Tom Thumbs and more. The buyer will need a delivery van, enclosed trailer or box truck.

The two routes averaged $4,616 total weekly sales over 2017. Great growth/expansion opportunity for a motivated owner. The owner is paid at 20% commission which generates a gross income of approximately $920 per week. Expenses vary from owner to owner but are estimated at $150 per week, leaving a net of approximately $770.

Schedule is flexible but generally requires five days per week and 6-10 deliveries per day. 30-35 total hours is estimated. Product can be delivered to any location as long as the delivery truck can get in and out of the area. Full training will be provided by the current owner and the company.

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